This is a selection out of his Film/TV and Theatre Career


Bird (w/Forest Whitaker)    
Lush Life (w/Forest Whitaker)    
Badge of Honor      
New York, New York (w/Robert De Niro
and Liza Minelli)
Indecent Proposal (w/Robert Redford)    
Marrying Kind (w/Kim Basinger)    
Harlem Nights (w/Eddie Murphy)    
SGT Benjamin      
Pervis G Man      
Mambo Kings      


Kojak Co-Star    
Where are the Children Guest Star    
A League of their Own Guest Star    
Wayan Brothers Guest Star    
Drew Carey Show Guest Star    
Flamingo Road Co-Star    
Washington behind closed Doors Guest Star    

Romanian TV-Show - Tara Vedetelor
"My Ballerina"



Me and Bessie Principal Mark Taper NYC  
The People Yes Principal Theatre of Arts  
Wild Women Blues Principal AIS Productions-Europe  
Satchmo Principal AIS Productions-Europe  


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Washington Rucker is an award winning jazz musician who was inducted into the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame in 1998.
In addition to being the author of a published book “Jazz Road” (which is an Autobiography), he also lectured at UCLA (Jazz and Jive) and is director of Jazz For Wee People, a historical visit through jazz for secondary, primary, high schools and colleges/universities.
Too, he lectures and teaches the Master Class at U.S.C: The Art of Brushes.