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Washington Rucker
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Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame
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Jazz for wee people | Emerson Elementary School
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Jazz for wee people | Emerson Elementary School 2
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Jazz for wee people | Emerson Elementary School 3
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Jazz for wee people | Barnsdall Gallery Theatre
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Jazz for wee people | Pasadena School
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Jazz for wee people | Music for Autism
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Jazz for wee people | Los Angeles Jazz Society
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Washington Rucker is an award winning jazz musician who was inducted into the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame in 1998.
In addition to being the author of a published book “Jazz Road” (which is an Autobiography), he also lectured at UCLA (Jazz and Jive) and is director of Jazz For Wee People, a historical visit through jazz for secondary, primary, high schools and colleges/universities.
Too, he lectures and teaches the Master Class at U.S.C: The Art of Brushes.